The more you ship with iCARRY, the more rewards for your business
The more you ship with iCARRY, the more rewards for your business

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    A tech-driven logistics aggregator that connects businesses and individuals with multiple carriers on one single platform.

    One contract

    One contract, multiple carriers

    Free suite of tech tools

    Free suite of tech tools

    Integration with e com platforms

    Integration with e-com platforms

    A tailored reward program

    A tailored reward program

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    iCARRY partners with top notch carriers and integrates with major E-commerce platforms to provide you with a one stop solution for your logistics needs.

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    Unlock a smarter, faster, simpler logistics solution designed to fuel your business


    icarry solutions manage deliveries

    Upgrade the way you manage deliveries

    iCARRY offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides complete visibility of all orders, competitive rates and an unparalleled reward program that renders the platform ideal for individuals, small, medium and larger businesses to manage and scale their delivery operations.

    Access Powerful Technology Tools

    Innovative tools and technology for an easy, fast, and cost-effective delivery experience

    icarry features smooth RTOs 3
    Smooth RTOs
    Directly update your inventory with easy, efficient and cost-effective product return management.
    icarry features customer support 3
    Customer Support
    iCARRY offers a dedicated customer service team to ensure seamless onboarding and delivery success rate.
    icarry features easy integrations 3
    Easy Integration
    Automatically sync, integrate and manage your operations with top e-commerce platforms
    icarry features order tracking 3
    Order Tracking
    Easily track all order statuses from any location.
    icarry features discounted rates 3
    Discounted Rates
    Get instant access to real-time shipping rates and top carriers through iCARRY’s web and mobile app.
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    Quick Cash on Delivery
    Take control of how you receive payments and receive uninterrupted cash flow with iCARRY and get your COD remittance within 2 days of order delivery.

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