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quiqup icarry partners carriers shipy

A last-mile delivery start-up offering on demand, same day and next day delivery services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

ups icarry partners carriers shipy

With a vast global network and advanced logistics infrastructure, UPS ensures reliable and efficient delivery of packages and parcels to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

icarry partners carriers aramex

Aramex has a network of 40 independent express companies in 54 countries, providing comprehensive courier services.

icarry partners carriers fedex

One of the world’s biggest transportation & logistics companies, provides businesses and customers worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

icarry partners carriers shipa

Achieve the flexibility your enterprise needs with next-day, same-day, and on-demand transportation services and fast local delivery within the GCC.

icarry partners carriers emirates post

The official parcel operator service in the United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East’s ecommerce getaway.

icarry partners carriers careem

Careem, known as the everything app makes it easier to ship, track and receive items across the UAE with cash on delivery, same day delivery, and reliability.


The first multi-dimensional distribution company in the UAE, renowned for its service, reliability and customized distribution models.

icarry partners carriers naqel

Provides logistics and transportation solutions to companies operating in the region while focusing on speed and quality of B2C deliveries using its air and road network.

icarry partners carriers jeebly

A tech-driven last mile delivery logistics company delivering to partners as well as individuals, empowering them to seamlessly manage their business and personal shipments, respectively.

icarry partners carriers posta

A leading regional provider of global business, logistics and shipping solutions, Posta Plus helps overcome fulfillment challenges and optimizes convenient shipping. 

icarry partners carriers glt

A logistics company that simplifies your freight shipping process, reduces costs, and helps you benefit from an enhanced carrier service. 

echo icarry partners carriers express

A transportation and logistics company that offers local and international delivery at the most economic tariff with imports and exports of any size.


A reliable delivery service that operates on-demand and prioritizes customer convenience, so sit back, relax, and have your orders dropped off in no time.


A leading domestic provider of comprehensive delivery and transportation solutions. Falcon Delivers anything to anyone, anywhere inside Lebanon.

icarry partners carriers gogo driver

One of  Lebanon’s leading on-demand Driver App services. Your driver is on-the-go for order pick-ups covering areas all over Lebanon, from and to the city.

Offer dedicated transport and logistics solutions by providing an efficient and reliable local service that mitigates the high costs of door-to-door delivery of goods.

The first 100% green tech delivery company that offers same day delivery within Beirut and its surrounding cities.

echo icarry partners carriers talabetak

A reliable transportation service that delivers all over Lebanon at minimum cost.

resized road runner logo

A delivery service company in Lebanon that offers reliable, quick, and convenient delivery for all your needs.


A credible delivery service that uses algorithms to create optimal routes and dispatch orders to couriers, decreasing delivery time, downtime — and costs.

icarry partners carriers allo taxi

Allo Taxi is a leading service provider that runs operations according to continually reviewed and maintained quality management in order to ensure efficiency.



Streamline your ecommerce operations and enhance customer satisfaction by seamlessly integrating your preferred applications to your storefronts.

echo icarry partners carriers shopify

A leading cloud-based multi channel commerce platform for managing, and designing stores across multiple channels.

icarry partners carriers magento

One of the most customizable, agile and powerful ecommerce platforms, that give your storefront the most flexibility.

echo icarry partners carriers woocommerce

One of the leading ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce has one of the most adaptable APIs for building an ecommerce storefront.

echo icarry partners carriers zid

An integrated platform for your business that enables you to control your store’s operations, sales channels, and its appearance smoothly.

echo icarry partners carriers salla

An ecommerce platform that allows you to design, build, integrate and control your store’s operations effortlessly.

echo icarry partners carriers opencart

One of the best open source ecommerce platforms offering everything you need to create, scale and run your business operations.

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