The more you ship with iCARRY, the more rewards for your business
The more you ship with iCARRY, the more rewards for your business

Ecom sellers & social sellers, one dashboard is all you need!

One contract, multiple solutions, unlimited rewards

Organize and manage your entire fulfillment process from shipping, tracking, management, analysis, and returns all with minimum effort, and time.
What a relief! Now you redirect your focus to the core of your business.


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One dashboard is all you need

icarry benefits your terms
Handle returns on your terms
Our streamlined Return to Origin (RTO) process takes the headache out of managing returns with zero obligation to return your shipments with a specific carrier. Choose the rate that best suits you and you're done!  Hassle-free returns lead to happy customers, and that's a win-win for your business.
icarry benefits no more waiting
No more waiting around for your business hard-earned money!
We understand the importance of timely payments for your business's cash flow! This is why we’ve got you covered with our smooth and timely remittance of Cash on Delivery (COD) payments.
icarry benefits simple
Selling on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp and no Website? Simple!
All you have to do is upload your products on the platform and you’re all set!
icarry benefits multiple carriers
One Contract, Multiple Carriers
No more wasting time and energy comparing rates, services and managing contracts with multiple partners! With iCARRY, experience the convenience of effortlessly connecting with a network of carriers all in one place. In just a few clicks, simply choose a carrier based on destination, speed, price, and best rated

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